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bbk04p I have been working on Central Asian and Toltec shamanism for 30 years; I have been a healing practitioner  and trainer for 25 years.
 I personally do all the operations from the time the wood frames reach me, and carpentery, leather   processes and drawings.
 I work the drums mostly outdoors, in nature; However, when the weather is not suitable, I make the skin   stretch and pattern in a closed environment.
 I prefer to be alone while working
The technical and spiritual birth process of the drum, which started with the raw frames that I have received, includes a special process for me and for the new companions they will reach, we live and experience this together.  




shaman drum sanctum


 lion shaman drum 3  lion shaman drum 4  lion shaman drum 7

  Lion Shaman Drum Hand Made Original Art     

 black panther shaman drum 2  black panther shaman drum 5  black panther shaman drum 3

Black Panther Shaman Drum Hand Made Original Art

tiger shaman drum 1 kopyala tiger shaman drum 2 puma shaman drum 2  

Tiger and Jaguar Shaman Drum Hand Made Original Art

bald eagle shaman drum 2  bald eagle shaman drum 1  hawk shaman drum 1 kopyala

Bald Eagle and Hawk Shaman Drum Hand Made Original Art

elephant shaman drum 1  elephant shaman drum 2  elephant shaman drum 3

Elephant Shaman Drum Hand Made Original Art

wolf shaman drum 1  wolf shaman drum 2  wolf shaman drum 4

Wolf Shaman Drum Hand Made Original Art

native horse shaman drum 3  native horse shaman drum 4  native horse shaman drum 1

Horse  Shaman Drum Hand Made Original Art


huachol shaman drum 3  huichol shaman drum 1 huichol shaman drum 2  

huichol shaman drum 4 huichol shaman drum 5